Hello World!

As you can tell my by profile I have been around the block a time or two. Although I am daunted by the signs of the times, I am also inspired and enlightened by those who can turn lemons into lemonade.

Topic for today-ways to avoid premature aging. This would seem to be an important priority for the citizenship in general but particularly for baby boomers. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics the unemployment rate for January, 2010 was 9.7%. Together with those BBs that are already (perhaps prematurely) retired and/or underemployed that’s a lot of people at risk. Statistics prove that an active engaged mind and body will age at a slower rate than others who are unmotivated to make the adjustment.

I recently read an article in the NY Times where six women suffering from early stage dementia enrolled in a 6 week program to prepare them to volunteer in a local elementary school. The neurologist following the group found that as a result of the training and volunteer time in the classroom participants had regained some of their cognitive ability. A win-win for both!

So my friends, volunteer, arrange a co-op with others to teach and learn new skills, start a small business. Let’s not be afraid to show them what we’ve got.

Let me know what you’re thinking. I have been stuck in stall for too long afraid of failure. No decision is a decision-I guess I am learning that every day. Join me and take a chance! We’ll to it together.



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